Is Mocha Uson “HAMPASLUPA”?

by Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

These are the 3 sins of Mocha Uson for which a society such as ours will never forgive her for.

#1 she is woman

#2 she is powerful

#3 she’s not buen familia

Wag na tayong magpaligoy ligoy pa. And let’s not even pretend anymore that it’s really fake news we’re talking about here because during the Senate inquiry on fake news and during Karen Davila’s tv interview of Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles, about the only fake news they could pin on Mocha were a photo of Honduran soldiers that she REPOSTED.

The original post was there—kitang kita. Therefore there was no intent on her part to deceive anyone.

And when asked by Sen. Bam Aquino why she chose this photo when it was so easy to download a photo of the Philippine Army and then ask for prayers for them like she did in that post, her response was clear and credible enough to anyone with no hate for her: “Napukaw ang damdamin ko sa larawan kaya ko shinare.”

As a blogger and writer and artist, let me tell you how that holds water with me. Inspiration is something I seize with both hands and use as a means to let forth what is in me and causes me to sit down and actually WRITE—something that can be hard to do some uninspired days. Any artist knows this.

Also, help me here. I’m really curious:

For argument’s sake, I’ll go along with the claim that it was intentional—what, really, is vile about sharing a photo of a group of soldiers—to be sure, a nice enough photo– from another country to ask for prayers for soldiers of our country?

What particular evil intent could Mocha have possibly had in reposting this photo so that it would merit the monumental hue and cry and MORAL OUTRAGE that that REPOST generated? What about the act justifies you wanting to crucify her?

Answer me that, please, because I have a fantastic imagination and yet I cannot come up with one intention she may have had that would be proportionate to the ABSOLUTE HATE shown her.

It is nowhere near the league of disturbingly dangerous and malicious “13,000 EJKs” (WHERE did that number come from?) nor of the Philippines being #1 in the Global Impunity Index peddled by Inquirer, Rappler etc that turned out to be from 2014.

YAN ang malicious and dangerous. In the grand scheme of things, Mocha’s reposted photo is half a peanut to the Viking’s buffet of lies by MSM. Don’t even get me started on Cocoy Betlog and the people behind him and those vicious blogs—virtual factories of fake news churned out on a daily basis.

Mr. Trillanes came up with his own laundry list of Mocha’s ‘fake news’—ALL of which she answered so superbly, I wanted to give her a standing ovation. You see, I don’t read her and don’t truly know her yet.

I read her twice maybe and found out she wasn’t my cup of tea and stopped reading her—because that is ALL it takes for me. If I don’t agree with you, if I don’t find you mildly interesting, all I do is walk away. I don’t need to make a federal case of it. I don’t need to demand for your blood. I don’t need to raise a fist and scream invectives at you.

People are entitled to their own opinion. Basic as oxygen and food and water.

And so I hardly ever read her and didn’t know, till the Senate hearing the EXACT transgressions they said she had committed.

And when she showed up there (because we’re the team that likes to show up and we’re the team that likes to write our REAL names and put our REAL faces behind pieces we write) and was grilled mercilessly by big powerful men—Senators Bam Aquino, Sen Kiko Pangilinan, Sen Sonny Trillanes—she sat there and looked them in the eye and with clear, respectful, unwavering tones told them her truth.

Mocha was a revelation. A most wonderful one.

And those who hate her hate her because of course, she is pro-Duterte. That’s the central issue to all these.

Put that central issue aside though and you will see that she is hated because she is a POWERFUL WOMAN. It just feels like a swift kick in the nuts of those who hate her. If this were James Deakin, it would be more forgivable. Preferred even.

Women in our society are expected to be NICE. To smile and stay in the background. With no strong opinions of her own. From the time we’re born to the time we can think for ourselves, a woman’s soul has already been murdered a million times and told her dreams/talent/opinions do not matter and that she has to fit into the small box society gives her.

It’s really amusing how the hypocrites have come crawling out of the woodwork when it comes to Mocha. Why, I practically throw my head and laugh like a crazy loon because I see it so well. Mocha is the Rorschach inkblot test to ferret out the hypocrites and elitists among us. Napaka-effective. Haha!

And here’s where I go a little bonkers and laugh myself silly: when they look down on her because she’s not buen familia.

I mean, you can practically see the drops of disdain and envy drip down their words when they say shit like, “What gives her the right to be Asst Secretary?” “What are her qualifications?” “WHY OH WHYYYY is she in New York with the Philippine delegation to the UN?” “WHYYYY?”

And when you reply, “She’s in the UN because she is Asst Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. It is her job to be there.”, they don’t hear you.

And when you say, “She has close to 5 million followers on Facebook. This woman has the knack for connecting. She is a natural.” “Also, the President appointed her. He gets to choose who his team mates will be—people who enjoy his trust and confidence.”

Well, when you say all that–reasons they’d accept without a whimper of a protest if this were, say, Kris Aquino or Mikee Cojuangco or one of those totitotyal garls, they don’t hear it. It is all so unacceptable to them. And I know why.

They don’t hear the answer to their questions because that’s not the real question they’re asking.

The real question they’re dying to ask but are too disente to spell out clearly is, “How can a hampaslupa slut slash sexy dancer slash someone who’s had to dance to feed herself rise to power and fame?”

And for those whose souls being eaten up by good old inggit, the real OTHER question is, “Why not me?? College grad ako ng *fill in the blanks*.”

That, my dears, is the real question that bugs the crazy shit of those who hate on her. The sense of entitlement of the elitist.

They find it perfectly acceptable for incompetent, indifferent, monumental bumbling idiots to be government high officials for as long as they are MEN and graduates of Ateneo, Wharton, Annapolis and of course, are buen familia. Elitista.

They want the chain they’re familiar with—the archaic chain the oligarchs have had on their and their family’s necks for centuries.

So wag na tayo maglokohan.

You have nothing on Mocha. NOTHING.

She is NOT the purveyor of fake news you’ve made her out to be.

YAN ang fake news—that Mocha spreads fake news. She vindicated herself exceedingly well during those 6 intense hours of merciless grilling by some of our country’s most powerful men –with one of them (Sen Bam Aquino) staring at her with a death stare—that she returned with a calm and steady gaze.

And that Karen Davila interview. Don’t even get me started. The disdain and the denigration was so thick you could hack it with a machete. Which is real funny because Ms. Davila couldn’t even answer with one certifiable answer what fake news Mocha supposedly spread. Not one measly answer.

It was all, “Oh come on Trixie!” like it was so obvious, so glaring how different Mocha is to “them”.

And Karen couldn’t continue because, really what she meant was, “Oh come on Trixie, do you honestly believe SHE’s qualified to be Asst Secretary.” That’s what I’m hearing.:D

The “us”/”them” situation of the elitistas. Lakas talaga makalugar ng mga elitista. Sila lang ang pwedeng maging opisyal at pumunta sa NY at maging parte ng UN delegation.

Gad. The amusement in living in such a hypocritical society such as ours. The hysterical fun just never stops.

Right now, they can’t say enough about Mocha’s ‘discriminatory’ faux pas. They’ve set her up on the cross and are nailing her mercilessly while screaming for her execution with saliva drooling down their chins.

“Discriminatory” is another version of Randy David’s “trolls that can neither spell right nor write grammatically, that resort to exclamation points to call attention”.

Nanglulugar sila sa pagkutya nila sa paggamit ni Mocha ng maling salita na para bang napakalaking kasalanan non. O dba, nakakatawa?

Mga disente yan ha. Mga may pinag aralan daw. Malamang yung iba pa sa kanila, ang ilusyon sa sarili, mabait silang mga tao. Pero hindi nila nakikita ang elitistang panglulugar nila sa isang taong akala nila walang pinag-aralan. Shempre mali na naman sila doon. May tinapos po si Mocha.

Pero hindi yon ang punto ko.

Kung sakaling walang pinag-aralan ang isang tao, tama bang kutyain at maliitin mo sha? Tama ba na mangliliit kayo sa isang taong hindi nagka oportunidad tulad mo na mag-aral? Di kaya ang basehan ng pagkatao mo ay kung gano mo tinatanggal ang pagkaexclusibo mo para LAHAT kasama, ke may inaral o wala, ke tricycle driver o executive?

Di ba napapanahon na para itigil na ang pangmamaliit sa mga kapuspalad na hindi nabigyan ng mga pribilehiyo na nabigay sa yo? Yan kasi ang sukatan ko sa pagkatao ng isang tao. Ang may malasakit. Ang hindi pangmamata kasi tutuo ang paniniwala na pantay pantay tayo. Na walang nakakaangat dahil sa kung ano pa mang dahilan meron ka.

From the Tibetan Buddhist Peda Chodron, “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between EQUALS.”

And that is why I am writing about this. Elitism needs to be called out for the evil that it is. The grief and destruction it has caused humanity—Philippine society in particular—have been immeasurable.

I love that Mocha is holding up a mirror to our faces and showing us who it is we truly are.
And I hope that if a hypocritical elitist stares back at you, you take a moment to ponder where it is you’ve been so wounded that you’ve passed on your wounds to Mocha. And then begin your journey to healing.

Hey. This is me giving you a hug. Friday is upon us. Woohoo! Have a great day.


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