The reason why I am against the Death Penalty

by Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

Everybody has the impression that being the “fanatic” supporter of President Duterte, I am for the death penalty. Well, let me tell you, I AM AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY. Let me give you the reason why.

The present law that is being voted on is selective and thus, useless. If we kill drug-related offenses but spare plunderers, rapist, hard-core criminals, what is the point of enacting it?

Remember, in the drug war, most of those caught are either small fishes or the lieutanants that is doing the trade on the ground. The real bosses are either out of the country or foreigners who operate outside. And who are we killing in the process, the poor Filipinos who take the risk of dealing drugs. Poverty makes it such a tempting offer, its impossible to resist.

Then, we spare plunderers when in fact, many Filipinos die because of corruption. Many mothers die during childbirth, HIV has to be controlled, soldiers get killed in action due to inferior weapos and our children lose opportunities because of a faulty educational system. All due to corruption. And rape. Many children and women raped have harder times dealing with the trauma, it is equivalent to death.

Secondly, it is sad to admit that justice in the Philippine is prone to miscarriage because our Constitution makes every judicial appointment a result of a Presidential favor. In short, if an administration wants to exact revenge, the courts can be used.

As lawyer for Napoles in the illegal detention case, I am saying that as a matter of fact. Though we can appeal the case to the Supreme Court, sometimes, our justices can be swayed by media and publicity.

Yes, we executed Leo Echegaray but it was only after numerous legal battles causing numerous challenges at the expense of tax-payers money. So exasperating, Congress had to scrap death penalty.

And why is that? We have a very influential Catholic Church who will always lobby against it. So, it will just be a matter of time before the next challenge.

The reason why the clamor for the death penalty is louder is because it seems that our jails do not really punish but in fact has become a masters school for criminals to sophisticate their criminal activities. It has become a networking site for criminal minds to share their talents.

So let us perhaps, revamp our jail systems first before we decide to kill drug peddlers and spare the rich drug lords and plunderers who have also become rich at our expense.


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